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Related Presentations

Guruge, S., Sidani, S., Pirner, D., Kanthasamy, P., & Hershkowitz, M. (Sep. 16-17, 2019). Understanding elder abuse in Toronto’s Tamil community: Emerging findings of a mixed-methods study. Poster presented at the Aging & Social Change Conference, Vienna, Austria.

Fong, A., Guruge, S., & Wang, L. (Sep. 16-17, 2019). Cantonese-speaking older immigrant women’s health experience in Toronto. Paper presented at the Aging & Social Change Conference, Vienna, Austria.

Guruge, S., Sidani, S., & Leung, E. (April 30, 2019). Risk factors for elder abuse: Perceptions of older Chinese, Korean, Punjabi and Tamil immigrants. Poster presented at the Public Health National Forum, Ottawa, ON.

Guruge, S., Sidani, S., Kanthasamy, P., Kumar, D., & Hershkowitz, M. (Oct.18-20, 2018). Addressing risk factors for elder abuse in Toronto’s Tamil community. Poster presented at the 47th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting: Making It Matter: Mobilizing Aging Research, Practice & Policy, Vancouver, BC.

Guruge, S., & Mohamed, M. (Sep. 19, 2018). Issues faced by community health nurses encountering cases of elder abuse. Poster presented at Aging & Society: Eighth Interdisciplinary Conference, Tokyo, Japan.

Matsuoka, A., Guruge, S., Bernard, M., & Spade, C. (Oct 24, 2015). Looking at elder abuse in the face on Canada’s changing older population: Respecting strengths and resilience of older people. Paper presented at the 44th annual and scientific and educational meeting, From possibility to practice in aging: Shaping a future for all, Calgary, AB.

Guruge, S. (Oct 25, 2015). Understanding elder abuse in the transnational context of aging and kin-work. Poster presented at the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association 5th Annual conference, “Immigration, ethnicity, and diversity in 150 years of Canada: Looking back, Going Forward, in Gatineau, QC.

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